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Immediate Response

When faced with a blocked drain, you can rest assured that Statewide Plumbing & Maintenance will provide an immediate response. Offering same-day booking services, we are the team to call for your plumbing emergencies, ready to come to your rescue.

Customer Satisfaction

Exceptional customer service is a point of pride for us as a plumbing company. We are always available to answer your call, day or night, you can trust that we will respond promptly to any blocked drain issue. Call 0402 247 000 today!

Camera Inspection

Upon reaching your location, our plumbers will without delay commence their work. With the help of our CCTV cameras and other advanced tools, we can rapidly diagnose and address your blocked drain issues in Adelaide.

This camera inspection helps us make informed decisions and choose the most effective approach for clearing the blockage.

High Pressure Hydro Jet

We have hydro jets on our vehicles to effectively clean drains and eliminate any blockages that can lead to flood damage.

This high-pressure hydro jet cuts through any invading roots, or blockages helping to clear the obstruction and restore proper drainage.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

If you have unpleasant odours, gurgling sounds, overflow, or slow flowing drains then you likely have a blockage. Addressing a partial blockage early can help save both money and time, preventing it from turning into a complete blockage.

Once a drain is fully blocked, water may start to backflow through your toilets or sinks, posing significant health risks. Both blocked sewer and stormwater drains can be major concerns for your health and well-being.

Foreign Objects in Plumbing

Foreign Objects

We often find blocked drains have been caused by attempting to flush down items like wet wipes, sanitary products, paper towels, and even toys! These objects don’t break down easily and can get stuck in the pipes, acting as magnets for other debris.

If you find that your drain has been blocked by a foreign object, give us a call on 0402 247 000 and we will help you unblock your drain.

Blocked Plumbing from Grease and Fat

Grease & Fat

Grease and cooking oils are notorious culprits that cause blocked drains. Pouring leftover fats down the drain can lead to a slimy mess as they coat the pipe walls. This traps food scraps and causes nasty blockages over time. Often, this can also cause your drains to produce foul smells.

If you find yourself with a blocked drain, give us a call on 0402 247 000 so we can help you fix it right away!

Soap Scum and Hair Buildup in Plumbing

Hair & Soap Scum

Hair and soap scum are notorious culprits behind blocked drains. In the bathroom, hair easily accumulates and combines with soap residue, forming stubborn clumps. Over time, these sticky masses build up in the pipes, restricting water flow and causing pesky clogs that need intervention.

Statewide Plumbing and Maintenance are here to help you, give us a call on 0402 247 000 today!

Blockage in Drain from Tree Roots

Tree Roots

Trees can extend their roots into drain pipes, seeking water and nutrients. As these roots grow and spread, they can exert pressure on the pipes, leading to blockages and sometimes even pipe damage.

If you have a drain problem, give us a call on 0402 247 000 so we can get your drain back to normal!

Backflow prevention

Other common causes include:

  • Pipework damage due to earth movements causing cracks or sagging.
  • Blockage resulting from incorrect installation.
  • Corrosion caused by age or chemicals poured into sinks.
  • Accumulation of leaves and branches from neglected gutter clearing.
  • Drains clogged with leaves, dirt, and debris during heavy rainfall.

Modern Solutions to clear blocked drains

Rest assured that our team comprises highly qualified plumbers who are well-equipped to handle the task of fixing your blocked drain in Adelaide. Each of them hold the necessary licensing and insurance, guaranteeing top-notch workmanship for all the services we offer.

Furthermore, we offer all our services at competitive prices. Upon analyzing the job, we provide fixed pricing, ensuring no surprises or hidden fees in our quotes. Rest assured, our quotes are free, and there are no call-out fees. Once you approve the quote, our team will promptly and efficiently begin the necessary works to rectify the issue.

We strongly advise our clients to contact an expert plumber whenever they suspect a blocked drain in Adelaide. Doing so will help minimize repair costs and save valuable time. For businesses, this proactive approach ensures a fast return to regular routines without unnecessary delays.

If you encounter a blocked drain at your home or business in Adelaide, consider reaching out to Statewide Plumbing & Maintenance. We are a South Australian plumbing company that offers top-notch services tailored to your needs, specializing in drain repairs, drain re-lining, and drain cleaning utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our team of highly qualified professionals ensures efficient and effective solutions for your drain-related issues, saving you both time and money.

If you need immediate blocked drain repairs in Adelaide, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Statewide Plumbing & Maintenance are committed to being punctual, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that we’ll be there on time to address your plumbing needs.

Answers to your blocked drain FAQs

Regularly remove hair and debris from drains, avoid flushing foreign objects, and practice proper waste disposal. If you have any issues with your drains,  contact us for a FREE quote.

The time varies based on blockage severity. Simple cases take an hour or two, while complex ones might require a day or more.

For a more accurate time frame, contact us to get a FREE quote.

Yes, blocked drains can lead to water damage, sewage backups, and health hazards if not addressed promptly. Give us a call on 0402 247 000 to seek professional help for persistent blockages.