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Which hot water systems can we repair?

System for Hot Water

Gas Hot Water System

Our licensed plumbers follow a systematic approach to repairing gas hot water systems. Firstly, we turn off the gas supply and water source. Then, we inspect the system for issues like faulty components, leaks, or burner problems.

Depending on the problem, we either replace or repair the malfunctioning parts to ensure secure connections and safety compliance. After completing the repair, we conduct thorough testing to verify the system’s functionality and efficiency before restoring the gas and water supply.

Installs for Hot Water

Electric Hot Water System

Repairing an electric hot water system follows a methodical process. First, our licensed plumbers turn off the power supply. Then, we inspect the system to identify issues, such as faulty heating elements, thermostats, or wiring problems.

We proceed to replace or repair the malfunctioning components, ensuring proper connections and safety compliance. After completing the repair, we turn the power back on and conduct thorough testing to restore the system’s functionality and efficiency, ensuring a reliable supply of hot water for your needs.

Installs for Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

For heat pump repairs, our skilled plumbers conduct thorough inspections to identify the issue accurately. We address common problems like refrigerant leaks, faulty compressors, or electrical issues.

Using specialised equipment, we ensure precise repairs and system performance. Safety is paramount, and we adhere to all regulations while working with heat pumps. With our expertise, we restore your heat pump’s efficiency and ensure a continuous supply of hot water.

How do we repair a hot water system?

The type of repair we complete will depend on the type of system you have and the severity of the problem.

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Replace Heating Element

Is your hot water system producing insufficient or no hot water? Our skilled plumbers will thoroughly inspect the unit to identify and replace faulty heating elements.

This repair restores the system’s ability to heat water efficiently, ensuring a steady supply of hot water for your needs.

Fix Leaks

Leaking tanks or pipes can lead to water wastage and potential damage. Our team promptly detects and repairs leaks, ensuring secure connections and preventing further issues.

By addressing leaks, we help you conserve water and maintain the integrity of your hot water system.

Replace Thermostat

If the water temperature is incorrect, a malfunctioning thermostat may be the cause. Our licensed plumbers carefully assess the system and replace faulty thermostats to accurately regulate the water temperature.

This ensures the hot water is delivered at the desired and safe temperature levels.

Repair Pressure Relief Valve

A malfunctioning pressure relief valve in the hot water system can cause excessive pressure buildup, posing safety risks.

Our experts inspect, repair, or replace the pressure relief valve to ensure proper functioning and safeguard the system from potential hazards.

Answers to your hot water repair FAQs

Common signs include insufficient hot water, fluctuating water temperature, leaks around the tank or pipes, unusual noises, or a sudden increase in energy bills.

If you notice any of these signs, contact us for a FREE Quote or give us a call on 0402 247 000!

Our licensed plumbers can assess your hot water system’s condition to determine if repairs are sufficient or if a replacement is more cost-effective. Factors such as the system’s age, frequency of repairs, and efficiency will be considered in making the best recommendation.

Give us a call on 0402 247 000 for advice on your hot water system repair.

Hot water system repairs should be left to licensed plumbers. Attempting repairs without proper training and knowledge can lead to safety risks and further damage.

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